Public health initiatives improve and extend the lives of millions worldwide. Over the last century, public health professionals and organizations have eradicated smallpox on a global scale, established international nuclear test bans and environmental accords, founded an HIV/AIDS coalition in Africa, and extended the average American lifespan by 30 years.




Today, public health professionals continue to seek cures for cancers and diseases, including HIV/AIDS, breast cancer and diabetes. They also work to improve the overall health of communities through research, regulation, education and high-quality, accessible health care. Learn more about public health careers at the local, national, and international level.



The public health sector is in dire need of highly-qualified specialists. The Association of Schools of Public Health (ASPH) predicts a shortage of 250,000 professionals (one-third of the existing public health workforce) by 2020. By these estimates, schools of public health will need to train three times the number of current enrollees to meet this need. Check out our degree guides to see how public health education can launch or focus your career.

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Public health awareness is all about making the invisible visible. Whether you are a student, a parent, a professional or an amateur researcher, we work to bring the latest in news, insights and research straight to you.


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  • A No-Frills Look at Life After the MPH

    A No-Frills Look at Life After the MPH

    School challenges you intellectually, destroys your sleep schedule and kills your social life. And yet, it becomes a major part of your identity. Finishing the MPH program was everything I imagined it would be. I felt accomplished and content. But there’s something about finishing school that’s unsettling. So many expectations build up when earning a …

  • Sexting and My Thesis

    Sexting and My Thesis

    The final year of my MPH program consisted of building knowledge on the principles of health advocacy, health promotion and sexting. No, that last one wasn’t a typo (though spell check seems to think so). The emerging topic, sexting, was the subject of my two-year long, capstone adventure into the realm of research, statistics and …

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    The Highly Anticipated Culminating Experience

    As I found out, not only is graduate school a sequence of advanced courses in health topics, it also includes a final project, thesis or comprehensive exam meant to exemplify the skills and knowledge gained in the program. The culminating experience is a testament of student proficiency level, but it’s also much more. It’s an …