Mission Statement

PublicHealth.org publishes free healthcare-related resources for students, professionals, and patients. Many of our articles help prepare current and prospective public health students for college and beyond. We create rankings of schools that offer public health programs, including bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. These rankings list the best schools nationwide and by state to ensure prospective students can find a school that suits their needs.

We also publish comprehensive career information pages, highlighting both popular and lesser-known jobs available to graduates with public health degrees. We maintain directories of scholarly publications and research organizations, among other resources, to connect students with professionals in public health. We know college and the post-graduation world can be overwhelming, and it’s our goal to provide the critical resources and insights our users need to move forward with their academic and professional goals.

PublicHealth.org is always free to access, and though visitors can submit their contact information to some of our sponsor schools, which partner with us through HigherEducation.com and are always clearly marked as featured institutions, we never require anyone to provide personal information to browse our site.

Feedback for PublicHealth.org

“Congratulations on putting together a well-researched, easily accessible webpage.”
Katy Palmer, Student Assistant of the Safer/Dean of Students Office at California Polytechnic State University

At PublicHealth.org, we welcome all feedback, including questions about topics we cover or reports about issues with the website itself. Please contact us at contact@support.publichealth.org or drop us a line at (281) 846-3085.

Meet Our Blogger: Anju Abraham

MPH Blogger, Anju Abraham

Anju Abraham is a graduate student in the master of public health program at Fresno State University. She is concurrently completing a master of science in regulatory affairs for drugs, biologics, and medical devices at Northeastern University. As an undergraduate, Anju majored in public health with an emphasis in health administration. Beyond her position at PublicHealth.org, Anju lectures about child welfare in central California. Her passions are research, writing, and health education, and she aspires to enroll in a doctorate program once she graduates. Outside the classroom, you can find Anju practicing yoga, playing guitar, or writing biographies about herself in the third person.


General Questions

When was PublicHealth.org established?

PublicHealth.org was launched in 2013.

What resources do you provide for students and public health professionals?

On our site, you’ll find guides about public health higher education organized by degree level and state. We also offer career resources, financial aid information, and other guides related to public health issues: For example, we’ve compiled external resources about health-related topics like mental health, addiction, and infectious diseases. These include open access journals, OpenCourseWare, research organizations, and professional organizations.

Why should you be trusted as public health experts?

Our content has been cited by state governments, universities, and federal departments. We use a rigorous research, writing, and editorial process to ensure our finished product is free of factual errors. However, if you find a discrepancy in one of our articles, please don’t hesitate to contact us at contact@support.publichealth.org to let us know!

Where else have your resources been featured or referenced?

We’ve been cited in publications like HuffPost, The Atlantic, and the Miami Herald. You’ll also find our higher education resources on the websites of colleges and universities like Boston University, Texas A&M University, and Temple University. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration, State of Georgia ADA Coordinator’s Office, and State of Nevada Department of Health and Human Services are among the government bodies that have likewise referenced PublicHealth.org.

I haven’t heard of PublicHealth.org before; why did you reach out to me or my site?

If you received an email from PublicHealth.org, we contacted you because we thought our resources might be of interest to you or your site visitors. After researching and creating our resources, we want to ensure those who would benefit most from our content are aware of it.

Finance and Advertising

Is there a fee to use your site?

No. All of our resources are free to visitors.

Do you qualify as a nonprofit?


How does PublicHealth.org make money?

We are reimbursed by partner schools when prospective students request information about their programs.

What is your relationship with HigherEducation.com?

We are owned and operated by HigherEducation.com.

Do you have an advertising policy?

Our site may feature information regarding program offerings, tuition rates, student resources, and other offerings from various partner schools and institutions — or “sponsored schools” — around the nation. This information generally comes directly from the schools and is not independently verified by us before publication on this site, as it is the schools’ responsibility to confirm the accuracy of such information. When sponsored schools appear on our site, they are always accompanied by labels indicating them as “sponsored” or “featured.”

We make no claim that any school listings on our site, be they organized by location, program type, or any other factor, are exhaustive or comprehensive in nature.

What are featured schools and can people pay to be featured on your site?

Featured schools are our financial partners. They are not included in our editorial rankings and we disclose them as partner schools each time they appear on our site. Please refer to our advertising policy for further details.

Data and Content

What sources do you use to inform your content?

Our content is sourced from many reputable sites: Career information, including projected growth rates and median salaries, for example, is sourced from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Our program rankings pull data from each school’s website. Other information we include is typically drawn from government websites.

How frequently do you refresh your content?

We audit our site regularly. If you have new industry data or information that does not appear on our site, please contact us.

Can I share your content on my website?

Yes, our resources are always free to use and share! All we ask is that you include a link to PublicHealth.org for attribution purposes.

Contact Us

If you are interested in writing for our site or have any questions or suggestions for us, please contact us at contact@support.publichealth.org, PO BOX 961 Seattle, WA 98101 or drop us a line at (281) 846-3085.