For those interested in research, social theory, and professional positions that affect local and global health policies, a master’s of public health degree online is an excellent choice. Online and on-campus degree programs in D.C. offer several concentrations, including areas like community health support and chronic disease prevention.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment in public health to increase by 7% between 2017 and 2026.

Promisingly, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment in public health to increase by 7% between 2017 and 2026. Several governmental and public organizations working in public health offer internships and study abroad programs for students of public health. Consider enrolling in a master’s of public health degree program online or on-campus in D.C.

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Public Health Initiatives in D.C.

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser’s improves city health by maintaining a number of public health initiatives, including chronic disease management services, animal health and control, emergency room usage management, and the review of uncompensated care and community benefit programs and policies. Mayor Bowser also recently announced plans to construct an acute care hospital on St. Elizabeth’s campus. She even started the My Health GPS program for Medicaid beneficiaries to improve public health and minimize hospital visits. Additionally, the department of health battles the opioid epidemic by combining the efforts of the local government, public health organizations, and law enforcement agencies.

Public Health Internships & Fellowships in D.C.

Paid or unpaid internships exchange services for work experience. Undergraduate students seek out internships during summer semesters and earn college credit for their work. New graduates at the associate and bachelor’s level also seek out these positions to bolster their resumes. Fellowship programs pay students working on their graduate degrees or post-graduate resumes to research topics in their field of expertise. Students in a master’s of public health degree program in D.C. may seek out these positions to augment their training and career.

American Public Health Policy Internship

This internship offers a hands-on experience by combining public health science with public health policy. Interested applicants can apply online.
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Injury and Violence Prevention Internship

Housed in the Center for Professional Development within the American Public Health Association network, interns learn to coordinate efforts that protect individuals at the local, state, national, and global levels. Applicants can apply online.
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Health Equity Internship

Designed for college students interested in working on group projects, Directors of Health Promotion and Education offers internship placement focused on cardiovascular diseases, heart disease prevention, nutrition, and exercise. Preference is given to students who attend minority-serving institutions. More information and application details are available by emailing internship@asphn.org.
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Association for Prevention Teaching and Research (APTR) Fellowships

Offered through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, APTR fellowships are for graduates hoping to increase their knowledge of public health and preventative medicine. Prospective fellows must apply online.
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Public Health Fellowship in Government

The American Public Health Association offers fellows the opportunity to work in the House or Senate on legislative and policy issues. Applicants should already have public health credentials and an interest in the U.S. Congress. Students can apply or get more information by emailing aphafellowship@apha.org.
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Public Health Careers in D.C.

Salaries for public health officials varies depending on experience, credentials, and location. The earning potential for professionals with advanced degrees generally exceeds those without advanced degrees. Completing an online master’s degree in public health multiplies employment options, makes holders more competitive in the job market, and can helps holders earn more money. In D.C., the hourly mean wage and annual mean wage are both higher than the national average. Major cities with public initiatives to improve public health conditions provide lucrative employment opportunities for qualified professionals.

EmploymentHourly Mean WageAnnual Mean Wage
United States63,260$32.60$67,810

Source: BLS

Public Health Employers in D.C.

Applying for positions at large public health employers increases your chance of getting a job after graduation. Big companies have more resources and business connections, offer employees competitive salaries and benefits, and provide career advancement.

EmployersNumber of Employees
Medstar Health16,500
INOVA Health17,500
World Health Organization7,000

Public Health Research Centers in D.C.

Learning about opportunities at local research institutions helps recent graduates secure jobs. Nonprofit organizations, local and state governments, and other public health organizations also offer non-research positions for recent graduates. Both research and non-research positions can be found at the research centers listed below.

  • Institute for Public Health Innovation: This center works with the government, healthcare providers, academic institutions, and funding organizations to develop and implement innovative public health strategies.
  • National Center for Health Research: This nonpartisan group improves healthcare by disseminating research results to the public and to policy makers. They specialize in medications, eldercare, and cancer treatment.
  • The Urban Institute: The Urban Institute helps diagnose health issues within communities. Their researchers work with government and nonprofits at all levels to positively affect policy.

Public Health Professional Organizations in D.C.

Students enrolled in an online master’s of public health degree in D.C. should consider organizational membership. These groups offer their members resources like job services and job boards, as well as opportunities for networking, continuing education programs, and annual conferences. These organizations collaborate with collegiate and public health research communities to offer resources for public health professionals entering the job market.

  • Society for Public Health Education: This nonprofit hosts nearly 4,000 professional members. Their website includes updates on articles and events dealing with national health education and how both new and established professionals can get involved.
  • The Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health (ASPPH): Members at ASPPH help transform public health education, research, and service. ASPPH offers numerous events, including conferences, recruitment and job services, and fellowships and internships.
  • International Society for Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health: In addition to in-person meetings at annual conferences, this society offers an email list for members to connect on public health issues of interest. They organize an annual conference, publish a peer-reviewed journal published by Oxford University Press, and provide an online repository of educational resources for students and working professionals.

Public Health Certifications and Licenses in D.C.

the Office of Health Professional Boards administers 70,000 professional licenses in D.C.

Approximately 30 health professional licenses are available through the Department of Health in D.C., and the Office of Health Professional Boards administers 70,000 professional licences in the city. Various certifications are also available to workers in both the public and private sectors. The board of Public Health Examiners recommends that public health professionals obtain certification to demonstrate their health sciences knowledge. Certification increases your earning potential and keeps you updated on changes in the field. However, both licensure and certification may not be required. Students should contact the Department of Health to ensure that they obtain the correct license or certification.

Accreditation for Online Public Health Master’s Programs in D.C.

Colleges and universities obtain regional or national accreditation after a peer review board evaluates and approves the school’s educational practices. While both regional and national accreditation are significant designations, regionally accredited schools are usually held in higher regard. Regionally accredited institutions offer a wide range of degrees, and nationally accredited schools offer career-centered, vocational training with fewer degree options. Accreditation assessments and standards apply to both on-campus and online programs. Schools accredited by recognized U.S. accrediting organizations will be listed in the Council for Higher Education Accreditation database. For specialized accreditations that assess the standards and practices of public health programs, you may also locate programs reviewed by the Public Health Accreditation Board.

Scholarships for Public Health Master’s Degrees in D.C.

Albert W. Dent Graduate Student Scholarship

In honor of the first African-American Fellow at the American College of Healthcare, this scholarship is for minority students. Scholarship money offsets tuition costs, student loans, and miscellaneous school-related expenses.

Amount Offered: $5,000
Scholarship Deadline: October 15
Eligibility Requirements: Applicants must be currently enrolled in their final year at an accredited U.S. college or university, have U.S. or Canadian citizenship, and must demonstrate financial need.
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Cathy L. Brock Health Care Scholarship

The Block Memorial Scholarship recognizes graduate student leaders from ethnically diverse backgrounds. This scholarship increases the number of racial and ethnic minorities entering and advancing the healthcare space.

Amount Offered: $1,000
Scholarship Deadline: October 1
Eligibility Requirements: Students must be U.S. citizens, demonstrate financial need, and have a minimum GPA of 3.0. Applicants should possess a moderate-to-extensive interest in healthcare and healthcare finance.
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Indian Health Scholarship

The IHS scholarship is for Native Americans hoping to pursue a health profession. Since 1978, this scholarship has been awarded to over 7,000 students. All scholarship recipients must agree to a two-year service commitment to an Indian health facility.

Amount Offered: Varies
Scholarship Deadline: March 28
Eligibility Requirements: Applicants must be U.S. citizens, a high school graduate or the equivalent, a member of a state-recognized American Indian Tribe or Alaska Native village, and have a minimum 2.0 GPA.
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Foster G. McGaw Scholarship

This scholarship is for students enrolled in their final year of a master’s program. Offered by the American College of Healthcare Executives, up to 15 students per year receive this scholarship.

Amount Offered: $5,000
Scholarship Deadline: March 31
Eligibility Requirements: Applicants must be U.S. citizens, demonstrate financial need, and not be a previous recipient of the Albert W. Dent Scholarship. Preference is given to student associates of the American College of Healthcare Executives.
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Transamerica Retirement Solutions Leaders in Healthcare Scholarship

Transamerica is the leading provider of customized retirement plans for organizations. Two individuals seeking master’s degrees in healthcare administration or a comparable degree receive the scholarship.

Amount Offered: $5,000
Scholarship Deadline: October 1
Eligibility Requirements: Applicants must be U.S. citizens in their first or second year of graduate school, demonstrate financial need, and have interest in community service.
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Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation Scholarship

The ANDF is the largest provider of scholarship funding for students in public health nutrition programs. Approximately 175 scholarships are awarded per year with a wide range of financial assistance.

Amount Offered: $500-10,000
Scholarship Deadline: April 17
Eligibility Requirements: Students must be members of the academy to apply. Depending on which of the 175 scholarships to which you apply, specific eligibility requirements could apply. Students must demonstrate financial need.
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Cory L. Richards Memorial Scholarship

In memory of Cory L. Richards, the Guttmacher Institute offers a one-time scholarship to a full-time graduate student.

Amount Offered: $15,000
Scholarship Deadline: March 31
Eligibility Requirements: Students must be attending an accredited college in the U.S. and demonstrate financial need. Applicants should be interested in sexual and reproductive health rights and seeking advanced degrees in public health or public policy.
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Florence Young Memorial Scholarship

Florence Young was a collector and researcher of Native American art and jewelry. Upon her passing in 2000, the Association on American Indian Affairs established a memorial scholarship for students seeking a degree in art, law, or public health.

Amount Offered: $1,500
Scholarship Deadline: N/A
Eligibility Requirements: This scholarship is reserved for students of American Indian descent currently enrolled in a master’s degree program. Academic merit and financial need are taken into consideration, as well as the student’s career goals and tribal affiliation.
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Health Occupations Students of America Scholarships

The Health Occupation Students of America offers support for students pursuing an online master’s degree in public health, audiology, dental hygiene, speech therapy, and other healthcare professions.

Amount Offered: Varies
Scholarship Deadline: March 15
Eligibility Requirements: Students must be pursuing a master’s degree in public health or a related health-focused field, be U.S. citizens, and demonstrate financial need.
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Tylenol Future Care Scholarship

Students pursuing graduate degrees in a healthcare profession, including public health, may apply for the Tylenol scholarship. Tylenol awards more than $250,000 in scholarships per year.

Amount Offered: $5,000-10,000
Scholarship Deadline: June 30
Eligibility Requirements: Applicants must be a resident of the 50 states, Puerto Rico, or the District of Columbia. Graduate students must provide proof of enrollment with at least one year of school remaining. Preference is given to those who plan to work in direct contact with patients.
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